Monday, 5 September 2011

We are in EST !!!!

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Let's keep our blog alive

Thank you very much again for the great work done during this two years of our project!!
It brings up all of us really nice memories!
This school year is already over, summer is here and let's enjoy the well-deserved holidays!

We kindly remind you that our blog will be open, so it would be fantastic if we all keep it running a bit forward by uploading and showing little pieces of any interesting activity, project, festival, school trip...
We've been building up a nice blog during these two years of our project, pretty much to look at!
So it would be a good idea to keep it a bit alive; so, feel free to post something more on it from September onwards.


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lots of GAUDÍ art works in the school

We chose to work GAUDÍ because he was a wonderful artist; we also though we could work about him with our pupils; so we have worked hard with our children and we have produced a great variety of art works. Working on different techniques (drawing, painting, building models, watercolour, collage, modelling with clay,...) in each levels (from P3 to 6th level) we are proud of our young school artists!

Techniques and Art Works on PhotoPeach

Techniques and Art Works 2 on PhotoPeach

Techniques and Art works 3 on PhotoPeach

Techniques and Art Works 4 on PhotoPeach

These are samples of all the work done... We didn't expected so much!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

End of the school year celebrations

One more school year has finished!
At school we celebrate it in different styles, depending to the age of the children.
Infant school and 1st cycle enjoyed themselves in a WATER PARTY with different water games, and ending in a very refreshing way.

Water party games on PhotoPeach

Water games 2 on PhotoPeach

2nd and 3rd cycles celebrated a SPORT GIMKANA.

6th level children are leaving the school, so they deserve an special day:
There is a FLOUR BATTLE, where 5th level children attack 6th level children with a mixture of flour and water.
Then, 6th level children are graduated receiving a Diploma and a farewell T-shirt.

6th level chidren graduation on PhotoPeach

We will miss you!!


Monday, 6 June 2011

23rd Aprıl Chidren Day

This day was presented to all children in the world by Ataturk. And a lot of festivals are done all around the Turkey on that day. And children enjoys and celebrates with songs,poems,dance shows, role plays...etc.Shortly whatever they want they do as owners of that day.
As you see in the photos,our pupils enjoyed too much,too. It was really good.No lesson,no class,no homework,no mark,no duty... only entertainment...!They worked and did a lot exercises for that day.They were really tied but it worthed it.

This is a modern dance show from our 7th grade students under the leadership of our physical education teacher. Firstly they wore those scared masks,but fortuanetly took off them after a while. They had worked for this dance for months and they were very nice.

This is a kind of traditional dance belongs to Black sea Region called 'Kolbastı'. You can really enjoy and also get crazy while you are dancing it. If you are sad or under stress, open this music ,dance and get crazy how you want. You are free:)))

This is our schools chorus. They entertained us too much.

She is our 7th grade pupil,Nergis. She likes english very much so she sang an english song called 'Perhaps' that day. She has a great voice.

And she also a great voice and sang an english song from 'Kesha- we r who we r',too.and she entertained us and pupils to much.

He,Mahmut, also has a great voice ,but he wanted to make a difference for his friends and he wore a traditional costume and said his song. Pupils really liked his appearence and voice.Normally he hasn't got a moustache, he is just 6th grade students:)))

And chorus with violin. She is learning to play the violin, and she is really good at it. She prepared a surprise for us that day and played the violin. She made us excited,it was excellent...

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Final Meeting in Esplugues. Farewell

Dances Festival went on with the impressive 6th level children dancing Ball de bastons(Sticks dance)!!
This traditional Catalan dance has its origins in the Middle Age, when soldiers and warriors invented it to keep fit, to practise during the peaceful periods.
Originally only men were taking part in this dance, but from the sixties (60’) women are actively participating and having a relevant role in this dance nowadays.

After this great festival of dances from each level, now time to dance altogether.
We invited our guests to take part dancing in the last dances: Ball del rogle (Circle dance) and Sardana; typical Catalan dances where everybody is welcomed to dance.
Laughs, happiness and emotion on the farewell!

Dances and Farewell on PhotoPeach

Final Meeting in Esplugues. Dances Festival.

On a hot and sunny afternoon, children from 3rd to 6th level danced happily for Comenius partners visitors.
Tipical dances and some surprises.
3rd level danced “Contradansa” called like this because of the steps, done and to the opposite: in/out and forward/backward.
4th level performed "La Bolangera”, from Tarragona. This traditional dance was very popular because it was usually performed as an “opening dance” in every festival.
5th level danced “Ribbons' dance” time ago part from rituals made to the trees in April and May. This dance praised to the Deities for a good fruits’ harvest.
So the ribbons were originially used to decorate the tree and dance around, but the tree was replaced for a pole/long stick holded by a dancer, who keeps standing it up during the dance.
And... a surprise for our guests at the end of "Ribbons' dance"

We hope you enjoy this video:

Dances Festival on PhotoPeach