Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Our project focusses on developing communication skills, giving our pupils an insight into their culture and those of others. We aim to share our local customs and traditions with 6 different European countries such us Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, and Austria.

All our school community is involved in our project, and will enjoy working within a culturally diverse team.
One of our basic goals is to promote inclusive education, increasing our pupils’ self-esteem. Newcomers are also conveying cultural richness with their own personal experiences.
Thus, students will become actors of their learning, based on meaningful contents.

As an African say goes:

"You protect what you love.
You love what you know.
You know what you taught."
New Technologies will be our project main support, making communication possible. With them, we aim to enhance pupils’ motivation, social skills, and self-confidence.

We are also involving in this project the town hall and the Museum of Can Tinturé of our city. This collective dimension is given by the implication that the world of ceramics is in our artistic activities. Primary children in CI (First Cycle) and CM (Second Cycle) do Art in English, and use this language as a vehicle of expression. We make clay works every year, and many of them hang from the school walls.

We are immersed in a world of languages; Catalan, as a minority language, is on the signs in the means of transport, along with Spanish and English. We are visually on contact with these three languages; we can compare and learn them. The same happens in other countries.

All of this teamwork which we propose will have a common frame: English is going to be our language of expression and communication to understand other people in a diverse and changing world.

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