Friday, 27 November 2009

Our Daily Routine, THOMAS, 2.Klasse

Daily Routine 2nd Form, 5th, 6th, 7th Grade

(a little more than 24 hours in the life of Thomas S.)

Thomas tells Tily and Steini:

6.00 am get up, put on my clothes

6.20 am breakfast, brush my teeth

6.50 am going to school by bus

7.25 am school starts, 1st lesson Sports

8.15 am brake

8.20 am 2nd lesson Mathematics

9.10 am big brake, have a snack


9.20 am 3rd lesson German

10.15 am 4th lesson Geography


11.10 am 5th lesson Science

12.00 am end of school, going home by bus

10.00 pm lunch with

„Wiener Schnitzel and

Sachertorte“wiener_schnitzel sachertorte

homework, learning for test in Biology on Monday

04.00 pm my brother and I go to the playground near our house, we meet some friends

05.00 pm put on my clothes fore fire brigade – young mens lesson

05.30 pm our young fire brigade lesson starts, we are 20 boys and 4 girls, our meeting starts

06.00 pm very exciting, we have a 24 hours operation

08.00 pm operation, lady missing in the woods DSCF2985

search, rescue, first aid, salvation

11.30 pm supper at fire brigade station

(bacon and eggs with onion)

01.00 am we go to bed at our emergency accommodation

06.00 am alarm, fire near the tennis court

(1 min. at the car, 2 min.

to the tennis court, 5 min. fire is over)

09.30 am training, learning, some stations




10.00 am to 06.00 pm car accident (technical mission), lunch, films about training and „Wuzlerturnier“ (tabletop soccer)

. . . but Tily and Steini, I’m very tired now, looking forward to having the next 24 hours operation

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Steini Shows Tily Wiener Neustadt

[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „Come Tily, today I will show you Wiener Neustadt, the most important town in Southern Lower Austria!“
tilythumb: „OK, come on, let´s go with my magic carpet!“

[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „No Tily, I suffer from vertigo, let´s take my bus!“

They get into the bus and start off. Driving to town, Steini explains:

[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „Wiener Neustadt was founded in 1192. The money – 35 tons of silver – was ransom for RICHARD I. King of England!“

tilythumb: „What about this tower?"
[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „This is the Reckturm with the leftover of the medieval town wall.“

tilythumb: „And this house is very old, too, what do you know about it?“
[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „This is the PROBSTEI, 13th century, an early residence of the BABENBERGERS!“

tilythumb:“ I´m a dwarf compared to the big DOM of Wiener Neustadt!“
[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „It is more than 700 years old!“
[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „This well was a meeting point for the town people and the water supply in medieval time.“

tilythumb: „What´s this?“
[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „Some people were beheaded here in 1522...“

Tily is scared and they move on to the MARIENSÄULE.
FOG is creeping into the City, it is darker and colder now...

[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „The MARIENSÄULE was built in 1678 after the black desease had left Wiener Neustadt...“

tilythumb: „Steini, is this a rocket in the fog?“
[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „No, this is the WASSERTURM (water tower) the landmark of Wiener Neustadt!"

[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „Hu, it is foggy and cold now! This is the THERESIANISCHE MILITÄRAKADEMIE, built more 250 years ago!“

[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: "Tily, it`s so foggy now, let´s go home, I´ll show you the other sights on a sunny day, OK?"
tilythumb: "Oh yes, good idea, I´m cold..."

Monday, 23 November 2009

Burak: I am working

Burak:I am working at baker part time

and now i am going to work after school.

Burak: I am eating my lunch

Burak:I am changing my clothes

Burak:I am returning home from school

Burak: I am at Computer Lab with Tily

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Audio Jigsaws: Daily Routine

Here you have some jigsaws to play.
The Jigsaw buttons are in Spanish so follow these instructions to play the game:
Iniar el juego” means “Start playing
Then click on the sound buttons to listen to the sentences. You have to move them trying to make a sentence in the right order.
If you click on “Aumentar la dificultad” the game will be more difficult.
We hope you enjoy this game!
Daily Routine 5è

Daily routine 6è

Psysical and Non Physical Activities during the weekend. 5è

What are your favourite dates?. 6è

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Celebration of Republic Festival in Şanlıurfa

Tily watching our students secretly when our students have so much fun and shaking their flags.
Tily has so much fun when our students dancing at Republic Festival
Tily has a good time with our students at Republic Festival.

Our Daily Routine - Mario, 3. Klasse

tilythumb:,, Hello Mario! When do you get up in the morning?“

:,, I get up at 6:15 a.m. and get dressed. Then I have breakfast.“

[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]:,, What do you have for breakfast? And how do you come to school?“

:,, I normally have dark bread with spread and tea. I go to school by bus.“

:,, What do you do in school?“

:,, In school I speak with my school friends and then I take part in the lessons.“

:,, What do you have in your first and second lesson?“

:,, First I have Maths and then I have German. Then I have Science and Art or Cooking. At 1 p.m. my schoolday is over.“

:,, When are you at home ?“

:,, I come home at 1.30 p.m. . Then I have lunch.“

:,, What do you do in the afternoon?“

:,, In the afternoon I make homework and then I watch TV.“

tilythumb:,, And what do you do the in rest of the afternoon?“

:,, I go out or play with my Playstation 2.
Sometimes I like to read.“

:,, When do you go to bed?“

:,, I go to bed at 10 p.m.“

:,, Ok, Mario. Thanks that you had time for us. Bye!“