Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tily goes to Italy

Tily leaves the Museum of Ceramics of the City Esplugues, near Barcelona, to follow his new Italian friends.

Before leaving, Tily greets his little friends in Spain.

Tity: Hello children, I go to Italy".

Children: "Goodbye Tily, returns soon. Await you!"

Tily arrives in Italy and observes from afar the new school, while children are outside playing.

Secretly, Tily observes the children who play on stage.

Tily: "Hello Children, what are you doing? "

Children: "Hello, you're Tily, the mascot of the Spanish museum".
Tily: "Yes I am. I came to Italy to learn about your city".
Children: "Oh nice! We will take you around the city. It will be nice to show you the places of Canicattì".

Children: "We would like to take a picture with the symbol of the city of Canicattì: The fountain of Neptune".

Tily visit the main course of Canicattì, where lie many shops.

Tily visit the park.

Tily: "I want to be a picture here. Your theater is very nice!

Children: "Yes, it will be a beautiful picture!"

See you next episode.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tily visits De Ganzenveer in Bruges

Tily visits the school: " De Ganzenveer ".

It is a small school in the centre of Bruges.

He visited all the classes to introduce himself.
He went on a guided tour of our school.
Join Tily and look at the pictures of ........

Tily falls in love with the belgium Tilette.

Tily falls in love with Tilette.
Tily came to visit Belgium.
In Bruges he learned to know a very beautifull and friendly girl called Tilette.
It was love on first sight.

Tily in Bruges

We intrduced our Comenius project.:
" Diving into different european cultures".

Both the children and teachers are very enthusiastic to work for the Comenius project.
The children want to know the different countries and their cultures.
For the teachers this is a fun and new way to teach geography and history.
Our children also want to get to know the children of the different countries.

We introduced our Comenius mascot Tily.
They really liked Tily a lot.
We also told them the story about Tily.
They were very quiet and listent to every word.

Afterwards the children were creative with Tily.

Look and see:

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Steini and Tily go to the principals office. They knock the door and enter the office.

steinithumb2 "Good morning, Mrs. HITTINGER, may I introduce TILY to you?"


tilythumb2: "Buenos dias, Mrs. Hittinger, pleased to meet you!"

Mrs. Hittinger: "Thanks, where do you come from, Tily?"

tilythumb2: "I´m from Barcelona, Espluguet, from the ceramic museum!"

Mrs. Hittinger: "Why are you here, Tily?"

tilythumb2: "I want to know more about your school and because of the Comenius Project! Since when are you headmaster of this school?"

Mrs. Hittinger: "I´m principal since 1991"
tilythumb2: "How big is your school?"

Mrs. Hittinger: "We have 3 classes with 21 children alltogether, and 7 teachers are teaching them!
How old are you, Tily and do YOU go to school?"
tilythumb2: "Ääh, I don´t know how old I am, but now I go from school to school - to our Comenius partner schools in Canicatti, Sicily, to Belgium, Ganzenveer and Ismetpasa Ilkögretim Okulu in Turkey!"
steinithumb2: "Wow, you are very busy - but I am the oldest here - I´m old as the hills!!!"

tilythumb2: "May Steini introduce me to the pupils now???"

Mrs.Hittinger: "Of course, I think you will have a lot of fun!"

Steini and Tily leave the office to visit the children.

To be continued!

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Tily is on the way from Barcelona to Steinabrückl, Austria.

He is riding on a magic carpet.

The flight over the ALPS is beautiful, but straining.

Suddenly the electronic controller of his turbo carpet shows a problem and the carpet starts to spin.

Sh*t, I´m falling!

Tily falls ungently in a soft, green meadow,
but he suffers no injuries.

He picks himself up, and suddenly STEINI stands beside him.

Hey, are you OK?

Si-ahh-yes- ja, ja!

Who are you and where do you come from?

My name is Tily and I´m from Spain, Barcelona. Precisely from Espluguet!

Did you accidently crash here or did you want to land in Austria, in Steinabrückl?

What, I´m in Stonebridge äh - Steinabrückl? Great, I wantet to visit the Sonderschule!

Perfect touchdown, look, here is the Sonderschule!

Great! Old and beautiful! Please show me the school!

Tily goes to the carpet and discovers the problem in a minute.
A fuse had gone.

Do you want to fly with me or shall we walk?

Oh no, I suffer from vertigo, and I`m too heavy for your little carpet......

They walk to the entrance and enter school...

To be continued....