Thursday, 31 March 2011

Carnival in Bruges


On the 4 of march 2011 we celebrated carnival.
All the children and teachers were dressed up.
We held a procession in the streets of Bruges.
The people enjoyed this very much.
When we arrived back in school everyone received pancakes.
It was a very nice day.
We hope you enjoye the pictures.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

After Carnival... Lent

Lent (Quaresma) has started.
But we don't celebrate it much.
Just a little in Infant school,
and in a very funny way.
The Lent is represented by
an old woman who has 7 legs
(1 for each week from Carnival to Easter)
Each Friday they cut out her a leg singing a song.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Farewell to King Carnival

Today we have come back from Winter holidays.
This afternoon, we ended the Carnival celebrations saying Goodbye to King Carnival.
Despite the rain, Infant school children and Primary 1st cycle children met in the covered playground wearing masks or maked up faces.
They were waiting for King Carnival; but The Witch (representing Lent) appeared.
She urged everybody to go back to the classrooms and start working again, instead of going on with fun and celebrations as during Carnival days days.
Children said aloud: Fora bruixa!! (Go out witch!!)
King Carnival arrived; children happily shouted: Hurray King Carnival!!
They fought, The Witch won King Carnival and sent him back to the Moon...
Till next year.

Goodbye King Carnival on PhotoPeach

So, Carnival celebrations had finished and we go back to school life.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Carnival with MOZART...

Hello friends, we´re back again!!! We will guide you through the world of Mozart, show you the way he danced...;-) and the way he lived as a young boy - without playstation....

Here you can see the way he dressed:
  • a whig
  • a black or red jacket
  • knee breeches
  • white long stockings
  • black shoes

And it looks very nice to dance with this equipment!

And here you can se a nice presentation about Mozart, combined with music of FALCO, a famous Austrian popstar, who unfortunately died too early... It is really worth watching !!!

We don´t celebrate carnival like the Spanish collegues with their pupils do, but this year we met Wolferl Mozart.
And as a young boy Wolferl also liked to play - but without electronic medias!

He liked to play the "OWL GAME"

It is a very old game going back many centuries!


You need: 3 dices - counters - and the board you play on.

  1. Everybody gets the same numbers of counters
  2. Half of them are placed in the middle of the board
  3. Somebody starts to toss the dices
  4. You have to find the combination of the dices on the board
  5. In very Old German you can read what you have to do: give three - take five - take all, if you have 3 x six on your dices (you win, of course...)
  6. Winner is, who collected most of the counters, too.
And we played the game and we liked it very much!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

CARNIVAL 2011!!!!!

This is the most special Festivity in our school.
Everybody takes part in it: children, parents, lunch monitors team and teachers.
It implies a lot of work, we take care of every single detail; but, we look forward it and enjoy the Festivity together.
Every year it is dedicated to a different theme.
This year we decided to join both Comenius Project topics, so it is about GAUDÍ.

Yesterday it was raining, we were afraid we couldn't celebrate the Carnival Festivity... but; luckily, the sun appeared today!
The school and the playground have changed, also disguised: the columns and benches covered with varied brittles.
From the start of the morning everybody was dressing up.

6th level children are the main characthers of the show, they are longing for this day. They are Bufons (King Carnival assistants) or Velles Quaresmes (Witches, they represent Lent, days after Carnival) They are maked up, dressed up, they put the stilts or the skates on, happily waiting to start the show.

5th level children were practising with their drums different rhythms to cheer up the show and the Carnival parade.

All the children in the school were dressing up with the help of some parents and their teachers.

We met in the playground about eleven in the morning.
The rhythms of the drummers started the Pasarel·la Gaudí (Gaudí show).
This year Tily, our Comenius Project mascot, opened the show; with 5 Bufons wavyng the flags of our countries. All the children received them singing the "Tily song".

Some tourists were looking for taxis to visit Gaudí's works, then appeared P5 children (taxis) dancing around the monuments they made. Then, brittles (P3 children) danced on the red carpet. After, stained windows (P4 children) filled with colour and rhythm the parade.

Benches or snakes from Park Güell (1st level children) twisted on the red carped.
As the colours from Batlló house flooded everywhere while the public was clapping enthusiastically.

3rd level children have built Sagrada Familia temple, moving everybody. After, the sun medallions from Park Güell (4th level children) radiated with rhythm along the red carpet.

After the parade, where are the designers of this art works? Gaudinian teachers, happily danced, greeted and laughed through the red carpet. Then, came the lunch monitors team; dressed as la Pedrera chimneys' and finally the stage was filled with tourists (mothers and fathers) very similar to those who visit Barcelona.

Finally, the Bufons appeared!! Colour and happiness everywhere... But then, the Witches came: darkness and sadness all over. The leaders of each group start a dialectic battle: the Witches say that we are loosing time doing nonsenses, and order us to go back to classrooms. The Bufons cheer us up to have fun. People shouts: Witches out!! When King Carnival appears smartly dressed jumping on his stilts and waving his big red flag everybody cries: Hurray!!!
He is very funny, makes us laugh and encourages all to participate in the parade through the town streets. So, everybody goes walking and dancing happily.

It has been fastastic!! Intense feelings as every year.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Today is "Dijous gras"

Thursday before Carnival day is "Dijous Gras" or "Dijous Llarder" and is typical to eat Egg sausage (specially made for Carnival days only) or Omelette.

People used to go out to parks to eat omelettes or egg sausages.
Nowadays, children wearing their costumes go to parks to eat their sandwiches.

Today we have been very unlucky because it has been raining and we couldn't go outside; however, we ate our delicious sandwiches at the school.

Rainy Dijous Llarder on PhotoPeach

Other years we had gone to the park to eat and enjoy a nice morning (Infant school children) or a wonderful afternoon (Primary children) out eating delicious omelette or egg sausage sanwidches' and playing.

Dijous Gras on PhotoPeach

Fingers crossed for tomorrow!!! We wish rain goes and sun appears to celebrate Carnival Festivity.

Making 2nd level costumes

Each level from P3 to 4th level have decided and elaborated their costumes.

Our children from 2nd level have decided to disguise as Batlló House.
Here you can see the process of the elaboration of their costume:

You can also see a taste of 1st level children preparing their disguise of Parc Güell benches.

King Carnival 3rd order

Every afternoon King Carnival Emissaires' are delighted with our children.

The order for Thursday was... come dressed with colourful clothes as Gaudí's Art works.

Enjoy them:

Today it's raining, so we had to stay at school instead of going out to eat our omelette's sandwidches. However, the drummers from 5th level came to visit us.

And Friday's order is: Tomorrow is Friday and... It's Carnival day; so you have to bring your disguises, ready for a great show and strong to walk and dance on the parade through Esplugues streets!!

The GAUDI project is all arround our school!

Each classes delegates went to the school library to help Conxi reciting poems.
Afterwards, she went upstairs with the camera to take some photographs. She was delighted with the working atmosphere in the classes and through the corridors!
Everywhere she could find children preparing their costumes.
We have decided to join both Comenius project topics, so this year our Carnival Festival is about... Gaudí.
On one side there were children from 1st cycle Primary concentrated imitating the brittle (trencadís) from Park Güell, next to them some were "painting" with plasticine copying the colours of Batlló House while others were also decorating letters also with plasticine.
They was a lot of activity but they were working quietly.
Also, there were 2nd cycle children working on their Sagrada Familia costumes.

On the other side of the corridor, there were 3rd cycle children hunging their art works about Gaudí. The exhibition is unfinished because their project is in progress. However, a girl from 6th level tells us (in catalan) about their work.

Carnival is coming!!!

Every year the children make posters announcing the Carnival Festival.
This year 1st cycle Primary pupils did them. They enjoy and laugh a lot while doing them:
We spent a few sessions working with PaintShopPro computer programme; first in pairs, mixing colours preparing the background of each poster.
Then, they add a tittle CARNIVAL decorated with many gadgets (sprays, stamps,...)
After, they wrote a message encouraging everybody to come to enjoy our Carnival Festival.
Later, they add and transform their photographs: changing the colour or hair style of their hair, adding a moustache, glasses or ... whatever they like! To do this they use the website: Fantastic face. Don't dare to try it, and is not necessary to register to use it!
Finally, they print and hang the posters all over the school buildings (both Infant school and Primary buildings): through the corridors, in the classes, in the canteen, and also outside the school!

Here you can see the funny results:

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Carnival Festivity rehearsal

Carnival Festivity is the most important Festivity in our school.
Children from all levels become actors on Carnival Festivity.
Each year they prepare their costumes and a choreography to show their costumes to the large number of public who comes to see them.
As actors they prepare their actuations rehearsing the days before.
One day all the children in the school join in the playground to a dress rehearsal.
Here you can see the rehearsal on Wednesday:

King Carnival 2nd order

On Tuesday afternoon King Carnival Emissaires' were astonished with our children faces!
They congratulated them and gave the next order:

On Wednesday they have to bring Gaudinian complements.
They have come with very nice complements: necklaces, hairbands, T-shirts, hats, ... all of them with Art works related to Gaudí.
Look! It's incredible what our families prepare in one afternoon!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

King Carnival 1st order

From Monday to Friday is the Carnival week.
Our children are very excited, because they love Carnival Festivity!!
Every afternoon, King Carnival Emissaires' come to the school to tell us what is King Carnival ordering us to do for the next day.

On Monday they ordered us to come with our face maked up with brittle (trencadís) on Tuesday.
Here you can see a sample of our artist families productions: