Thursday, 3 March 2011

Carnival is coming!!!

Every year the children make posters announcing the Carnival Festival.
This year 1st cycle Primary pupils did them. They enjoy and laugh a lot while doing them:
We spent a few sessions working with PaintShopPro computer programme; first in pairs, mixing colours preparing the background of each poster.
Then, they add a tittle CARNIVAL decorated with many gadgets (sprays, stamps,...)
After, they wrote a message encouraging everybody to come to enjoy our Carnival Festival.
Later, they add and transform their photographs: changing the colour or hair style of their hair, adding a moustache, glasses or ... whatever they like! To do this they use the website: Fantastic face. Don't dare to try it, and is not necessary to register to use it!
Finally, they print and hang the posters all over the school buildings (both Infant school and Primary buildings): through the corridors, in the classes, in the canteen, and also outside the school!

Here you can see the funny results:

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