Thursday, 3 March 2011

The GAUDI project is all arround our school!

Each classes delegates went to the school library to help Conxi reciting poems.
Afterwards, she went upstairs with the camera to take some photographs. She was delighted with the working atmosphere in the classes and through the corridors!
Everywhere she could find children preparing their costumes.
We have decided to join both Comenius project topics, so this year our Carnival Festival is about... Gaudí.
On one side there were children from 1st cycle Primary concentrated imitating the brittle (trencadís) from Park Güell, next to them some were "painting" with plasticine copying the colours of Batlló House while others were also decorating letters also with plasticine.
They was a lot of activity but they were working quietly.
Also, there were 2nd cycle children working on their Sagrada Familia costumes.

On the other side of the corridor, there were 3rd cycle children hunging their art works about Gaudí. The exhibition is unfinished because their project is in progress. However, a girl from 6th level tells us (in catalan) about their work.

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