Thursday, 26 May 2011

Final Meeting in Esplugues. Farewell

Dances Festival went on with the impressive 6th level children dancing Ball de bastons(Sticks dance)!!
This traditional Catalan dance has its origins in the Middle Age, when soldiers and warriors invented it to keep fit, to practise during the peaceful periods.
Originally only men were taking part in this dance, but from the sixties (60’) women are actively participating and having a relevant role in this dance nowadays.

After this great festival of dances from each level, now time to dance altogether.
We invited our guests to take part dancing in the last dances: Ball del rogle (Circle dance) and Sardana; typical Catalan dances where everybody is welcomed to dance.
Laughs, happiness and emotion on the farewell!

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Final Meeting in Esplugues. Dances Festival.

On a hot and sunny afternoon, children from 3rd to 6th level danced happily for Comenius partners visitors.
Tipical dances and some surprises.
3rd level danced “Contradansa” called like this because of the steps, done and to the opposite: in/out and forward/backward.
4th level performed "La Bolangera”, from Tarragona. This traditional dance was very popular because it was usually performed as an “opening dance” in every festival.
5th level danced “Ribbons' dance” time ago part from rituals made to the trees in April and May. This dance praised to the Deities for a good fruits’ harvest.
So the ribbons were originially used to decorate the tree and dance around, but the tree was replaced for a pole/long stick holded by a dancer, who keeps standing it up during the dance.
And... a surprise for our guests at the end of "Ribbons' dance"

We hope you enjoy this video:

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Final Meeting in Esplugues. Working meetings

In each Meeting we have time for visiting the school, for talking, for eating, for enjoying the city and... we also need time to work.
Here you can see a sample of presents exchange and working meetings.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Final Meeting in Esplugues. Workshops with 5th level

5th level pupils enjoyed a lot the Comenius workshops with our partner teachers!!
There were 5 groups of children that worked about 15-20 minutes in each workshop.
* Italy proposed two Art and Craft activities: a peg with a pig and a flowered basket.
* Austria brought the Owl game (Mozart's favourite game) to play.
* Belgium prepared an Art and Craft activity painting with Chinese ink on vegetal paper.
* Turkey brought Hacivat, Karagöz and Tily puppets to paint.
* Spain prepared the Gaudí game.

Now you can see some photographs that show just a little sample of a great afternoon ... Not everyday you have the chance to meet, talk, work and play with teachers from four European countries working together at our school.
It was a short but intense experience!

Final Meeting in Esplugues. Visit to the Town Hall

After visiting the school, we walked to the Town Hall.
There we met our Major, Pilar Diaz; and our Education Councilman, Juan Fernandez; who congratulated everybody for working on Comenius project.
There were nice speeches and presents from each Comenius partners.

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Final Meeting in Esplugues. Visiting the Primary school.

We left the Infant school classes and came back to Primary building to visit Primary classes.
We started dancing in the Music class.
Our pupils and teachers were happy to meet partner teachers from our Comenius project.
Intense feelings our children receiving letters from their penpals brought by our visitors!
Always interesting to know foreign people; Comenius partners "in person"
Nice greetings, short conversations, astonished looks, laughs and smiles everywhere walking along all the school.
And breakfast to recover forces to go on.

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Final Meeting in Esplugues. Welcome and Infant school visit

Our Comenius Project is finishing now! You can't believe it! Everything started here more than two years ago... and now; Final meeting in Folch i Torres school.
Our school was dressed up for the occasion: Tilys, welcomes in each language, flags from each country gave the welcome to our partners.
We all met in the school's hall on a sunny May Wednesday morning.
Kisses, welcomes and greetings and we started visiting the Infant school.
The Infant school always so charming and nice decorated. Little children received our guests happy and emotioned, a bit overwhelmed for so many foreign people visiting their classes.

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Friday, 20 May 2011

Learning about our Comenius countries partners

To learn about our Comenius countries partners, 1st cycle classes decided to chose a typical tale from each country to name each class. They learned the stories and told to the other classes.

1st Cycle Doors: Typical tales from our Comenius countries partners on PhotoPeach

Sant Jordi (Saint George's) day

In Catalunya Sant Jordi is a very important day.
It can be considered the Love Day, because men give their beloved women a rose as a proof of love. This tradition is based on the Legend of Sant George.
Moreover, it's the Books' day. So everybody buys books as gifts.
Sant Jordi is not a holiday, but it looks like it!
Everywhere in the streets you can find stalls selling books and roses and lots of people choosing books to buy.
Also at school we set our own stall in Infant school playground. During all Sant Jordi's day children from 6th level recomend and sell books and roses to children that visit the stall, as well as to their parents that also come.

Books and roses stalls on PhotoPeach

We live intensely Sant Jordi festivity at school.
During Sant Jordi's previous days, there's a big books exhibition at school library. All classes visit it and our librarians show and tell them nice stories from brand new books.

The dragon comes to the school!!
Leaving footprints, and other smelly traces... everywhere.
It appears on the school's roof trying to frighten us.
The princess and Saint George also come to the school.
On Sant Jordi's day there is the books and roses stall in the Infant school playground.
On the afternoon, there are the "Jocs Florals" (poems and narrative contest) and dances exhibitions in the Primary school playground.

After Sant Jordi day there is a comic play where Saint George comes to rescue the princess and to fight and kill the dragon; however the play every year is different, and not always the dragon is killed...

Saint George, the princess and the dragon on PhotoPeach

This is a sample of what means Sant Jordi.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Arts & Crafts: the antic woolen dolls and Tily

Arts & Crafts: the antic woolen dolls

Arts & Crafts: the antic woolen dolls

Arts & Crafts: the antic woolen dolls

Arts & Crafts: the antic woolen dolls

Arts & Crafts: gastronomy

Arts & Crafts: gastronomy

Comenius Day: Arts & Crafts at school

Comenius Day: Arts & Crafts at school

Comenius Day: Arts & Crafts at school

Comenius Day: Arts & Crafts for Mom

Comenius Day: Arts & Crafts for Mom

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Hacivat-Karagöz & Tily

These are the activities from our pupils to Spanish pupils. We hope they will enjoy while they are painting and learning how to use them!

Monday, 9 May 2011

A healthy day

On Friday, May 6 organized by the school as part of our year health project a healthy day.
First we got a rice cake with a milk drink.
Then we followed three workshops in small groups:
* singing
* drawing
* gymastics
* learning about food and healhy
* help prepare for brunch
At noon all children feasted on the delicious brunch.
In the afternoon there was a movement game .
In small groups we played games with the teachers.
At half past three we also enjoyed a delicious fruit salad.
The sun was shining and we had a fantastic day.

A gift for mom with tiles.

Completely in the context of our Comenius project and Tily the children made a flower pot for mom.
At first the pots were painted.
Then each went to work with some mosaic tiles and tile adhesive. In a nice pattern stones were glued to the jar. That was not such an easy task.
Then we put a layer of veneer on the pots.
On Thursday we planted a beautiful plant and we could take the gift for mom home.

Friday, 6 May 2011


There was a knowledge contest in our school recently and it made students excited too much. Every class between 6th grade studied too much and tried to be winner of the contest. And the picture you saw at the left side is second winner of this contest and of course they took their nice presents (T-shirts)

This class is the WINNER. They were announced as the best 6th grade in our school for this education year.As you see,they are very happy and of course they took their presents:)))

Their happiness was worth to see.!!!

Now they are answerin the questions and their friends are watching them excitingly!!!

This is an english question. Let's try to answer to this question:))

They had fun too much...

While someone was crying :(((

Knowledge Contest Between Sixth Grade

Thursday, 5 May 2011


To celebrate the Comenius Week Pupils from 6th grade will perform us a “ball de bastons”, that’s it, a kind of “stick dance”.

This traditional Catalan dance has its origins in the Middle Age, when soldiers and warriors invented it to keep fit, to practise during the peaceful periods. In other words, it was a way of training, and it works really simple: two rows, two different dresses with different colours to distinguish “who’s the enemy” and the fights. We have to say they use the sticks, and not swords, to avoid injuries during this singular “training dance”.

Originally only men were taking part in this dance, but from the sixties (60’) women are actively participating and having a relevant role in the “ball de bastons” nowadays. Enjoy it!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Visit to an Art Nouveau house

On friday 29 april 2011 the children from Claudia and Sabrina went to Blankenberge.
Their they visited an art nouveau house and went on a art nouveau tour in the city.
Tily and Tilette were very enthousiastic to see the bench inspired by Gauldi at Parc Guell. Their were a lot of tiles in the museum in the art nouveau style made by Horta.
Look and enjoy their pictures.
Sabrina and Claudia

Easter baskets from the teachers

If the teachers wanted some chocolate eggs then they had to make an easter basket.
Look at the nice results. Belgium teachers really like chocolate.

Easter walk in the forest

On friday 8 april 2011 the children went to the forest near the school to find their easter eggs.
Each child and teacher made easter eggs in paper.
The easter bunny has hiden them in the forest.
All the children and teachers had lots of fun looking in the trees and plants.
When they arrived at school the easter bunny gave the children their chocolate eggs.
Thank you easter bunny.
Enjoy the pictures.