Thursday, 26 May 2011

Final Meeting in Esplugues. Dances Festival.

On a hot and sunny afternoon, children from 3rd to 6th level danced happily for Comenius partners visitors.
Tipical dances and some surprises.
3rd level danced “Contradansa” called like this because of the steps, done and to the opposite: in/out and forward/backward.
4th level performed "La Bolangera”, from Tarragona. This traditional dance was very popular because it was usually performed as an “opening dance” in every festival.
5th level danced “Ribbons' dance” time ago part from rituals made to the trees in April and May. This dance praised to the Deities for a good fruits’ harvest.
So the ribbons were originially used to decorate the tree and dance around, but the tree was replaced for a pole/long stick holded by a dancer, who keeps standing it up during the dance.
And... a surprise for our guests at the end of "Ribbons' dance"

We hope you enjoy this video:

Dances Festival on PhotoPeach

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