Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Final Meeting in Esplugues. Workshops with 5th level

5th level pupils enjoyed a lot the Comenius workshops with our partner teachers!!
There were 5 groups of children that worked about 15-20 minutes in each workshop.
* Italy proposed two Art and Craft activities: a peg with a pig and a flowered basket.
* Austria brought the Owl game (Mozart's favourite game) to play.
* Belgium prepared an Art and Craft activity painting with Chinese ink on vegetal paper.
* Turkey brought Hacivat, Karagöz and Tily puppets to paint.
* Spain prepared the Gaudí game.

Now you can see some photographs that show just a little sample of a great afternoon ... Not everyday you have the chance to meet, talk, work and play with teachers from four European countries working together at our school.
It was a short but intense experience!

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