Thursday, 26 May 2011

Final Meeting in Esplugues. Farewell

Dances Festival went on with the impressive 6th level children dancing Ball de bastons(Sticks dance)!!
This traditional Catalan dance has its origins in the Middle Age, when soldiers and warriors invented it to keep fit, to practise during the peaceful periods.
Originally only men were taking part in this dance, but from the sixties (60’) women are actively participating and having a relevant role in this dance nowadays.

After this great festival of dances from each level, now time to dance altogether.
We invited our guests to take part dancing in the last dances: Ball del rogle (Circle dance) and Sardana; typical Catalan dances where everybody is welcomed to dance.
Laughs, happiness and emotion on the farewell!

Dances and Farewell on PhotoPeach

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