Thursday, 28 January 2010

Producing a "BOOKLET"

There are unfortunately still many children without access to a computer with internet.

So I also produced a print version - laminated for a BOOKLET - of the AUSTRIAN stories about TILY, STEINI and Karli, which also appear in GERMAN on our school website.,,,2.html

The children like to read the printed stories in the breaks!

And this "booklet has become a real XL BOOK - even after half a year!

More than 100 pages of funny contents!

We have the English BLOG / Post version in preparation.

More that 100 pages are waiting to be laminated...

Presenting our project work this way, it becomes obvious, what enormous amount of work we have done already after half a year...

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Educational seminar

On Wednesday, January 20 there were no children in school.
The teachers had educational seminar.
The Comenius project was discussed.
The result of this meeting :
on March 30 there is a Comenius day with workshops :
Tliy the song, a dance Tily, English vocabulary, games for on the playground.
There will be certainly a report on the blog !

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TILY on Holiday in Barcelona

The children are happy about their Semester Holiday from Jan 29th - Feb. 8th.

And Tily wants to go back to Barcelona, because it is very cold now.

Suddenly Mr. Frischauf and Mr. Bock appear in the classroom.
They have good news:

"Tily, Steini, Steinella and Karli, you can follow us to Barcelona!

You will travel with us - but Tily - not on your magic carpet!
Do you want to go with us?"

What a question....

Great to see our partners from Ceip Folch i Torres!

Steinella: Barcelona is great for shopping!

I look forward to talking to the pupils and the teachers!

tilythumb I´m happy to be back - here is is so frosty!!

See you soon, Barcelona!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Spreading the Informations About our Project

To inform the people of Steinabrückl and nearby villages about our Comenius Project,
we produced information materials:

We attached little visiting cards about our Project

on a laminated information - sheet

and placed it in nearby restaurants, offices, supermarkets...

We also invited the pupils of our Primary School Steinabrückl
and gave them information about our project.

They were very interested and visited the internet to read our stories during their holidays.

They liked our stories!!!

Monday, 25 January 2010

IV Prize Espiral EDUBLOGS 2010

Click on the picture for further information.

From Spain We present our Comenius Blog to the IV Prize in “EDUBLOG” from the “Espiral Association”, about educative resources. We participate inside the collective category.

It will be a great opportunity to let you know how five countries are working together. We are Austria, Belgium, Turkey, Italy and Spain. This blog allows us how to share different experiences and learn from each other.

It has been a extremely success!!! Our children are improving their linguistic competence using the blog as a vehicle to communicate with our partners.
This means to improve the European value to their learning and to raise their consciousness as European citizens.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Action pictures of the netball tournament

We have not won and were not the last, but we did have a nice, cool, sporty afternoon
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Netball tournament for girls

Today was the game.
This is our girl team.

Tily is our mascot.

First we warmed up, we practice throwing and catching

Then we have a word with our coach teacher Chantal.

We look at the strengths and weaknesses of our opponents.

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Wintersport - Olympic Games - The Race TiLY vs STEINI

Wednesday. Jan 13th, ASO Steinabrückl held their OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES in the ALPS by Steinabrückl

Here you can see the modern equipment of the athlets!

And here is the team!

The "Straw Sackl Rutsching Team"!

BOCK in training for "World Championship in Zipfelbob"
and . . .

. . . Georg too!

Emre in action!

Peter´s turover!

Tohuwabouh and mass crash!

The teacher with the "Behindertenrodl" collides with Peter!

The Callenge - The Race TILY vs. Steini!!!

The competitors and spectators gather for the award ceremony:

The winner - TILY - gets "The Kiss of Victory" from Steinella!

And here she is: STEINI´s sister STEINELLA!

And here are the winners of the the other contests!!!

It was a very funny day and we soon will go for winter sport again!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Wintersport in Austria - testing the snowboards

Tily got his new snowboard!
Proudly he stands on his superfast board...

Steini is impatiently waiting for the first test run!
(Austrians are the best...)

STEINI at full speed...

Carving TILY

TILY overrunning Steini...

Now you can see who is the better one! (for the moment)

Steini, come, let´s make a real race, or don´t you dare?
Ha, that will be easy for me!

Wednesday there will be the Olympic Games of the ASO STEINABRÜCKL!
There will be THE RACE - Best Of THREE!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Art project day on 8 january

On January 8th there was an art day at our school.
The children worked in various art workshops.
They could paint, cut, paste, modeling, files ... and all this in the winter and valentine theme.
Tily visited all the studios and saw many beautiful artworks.
He was impressed by all that talent.