Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Back at work

After the hollidays we are back at work.
It is still very cold in Belgium and by snow and ice it is very slippery.
We learn a lot about how the animals most survive the cold.

The hedgehog eats his tummy full. Then, he has a hibernation. The breathing and heart rate are slow. In spring we see the skinny animal back.

The tomtit stays in our country.
We give him bread and seeds.

The swallow is a migratory bird. He flies to the south. He winters in Spain and Africa. In the spring he comes back to our country.

And Tily ?

Tily reamins in the classroom where it is warm.
He listens to the Tily song in dutch.

We received yummie Tily cookies from Austria.
Next week we will dress them up with food paint.
Thanks Martin.

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