Thursday, 28 April 2011


From 2nd to 9th May 2011, schools are invited to celebrate European school collaboration through Comenius week activities. Comenius National Agencies, eTwinning National Support Services will also participate.

This school year 2010-11, our Comenius
Project “Diving into different European Cultures” that has been focused on developing communication skills, giving our pupils an insight into their culture and those of other, wants to join and to take park in the Comenius Week 2011. In this project we have shared our local customs and traditions among five different European countries (Belgium, Austria, Turkey, Italy and Spain).

To celebrate the Comenius Week, and following our Project’s aims, our students , in Spain (coordinator school), will performance a typical dance in “Cataluña”. It will be post in the blog next week.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Diving Into Different Cultures - Austria visits our Turkish Partners

A small Austrian team - Beate Hittinger and Martin Frischauf - both with their partners - took the topic of our project seriously and visited their partners in Sanliurfa during the Easter Holidays.

Latrans-Turkey location Şanlıurfa.svg

And that visit was a real highlight of the project!

Knowing Turkey from various visits we were aware, that this part of Turkey would be a very special one.

Far away from the touristic summer clubs along the Mediterrenian coast, Sanliurfa offered not only fascinating history but also friendly and open minded people!

It is hard to to present this intensive visit in only y few pictures, but we will try!

Visiting Sanliurfa, Balikli Gol

With a lot of special fish, which you can feed - but you are not allowed to catch them ;-)

The story goes that burning coal was turned into fish....

Not far from that place is the cave, where Prophet Abrahams was born...

A view from the castle showing the Mevlid Halil mosque...

The market places are very mysthic and rich in agricultural products from the area.

Many children have to work here in their spare time to earn some extra money for their families...



Monday we visited Ismetpasa School.

It was incredible, how exciting this was!

We made a little presentation about Austria,

...taught the children how to peck Easter Eggs,

exchanged presents,

saw a nice dancing show...

In a way we felt like holywood stars, because the children
didn´t want us to leave their school and ran after the cars...

Left Sanliurfa to visit a sunken city...

Were shown around in an area with incredible history...

Houses with natural air condition...

The oldest university of the world - Harran

Recently discovered monoliths - incredible 11500 years old...

Göbekli Tepe

Were invited to Mustafa´s little village - KARA KECI

...visited the small school - one class

Were invited in
Mustafa´s house to a fantastic Kurdish meal...

Saying good bye to Mustafas family...

What a pity, that our other project partners did not take the chance to join the visit!!

Friday, 15 April 2011

MONES 2011

Spring is here!
Easter is here!
As we told you, "La Mona" is a cake given by the godfather to his godchildren in Catalunya.
At school, it's also typical that each class from P3 to 4th level prepares a "Mona" Each year are different, but plenty of imagination and good ideas related to what they are working on. Here you are what they have prepared this year:
P3: Parc Güell (bench and lizard) Gaudí
P4: Sagrada Família, Gaudí
P5: Casa Batlló and La Pedrera Ghosts-Chimneys, Gaudí
1st level: Benches from Parc Güell, Gaudí
2nd level: Trencadís
3rd level: Esplugues flag and shield (they are on a Project about the town)
4th level: Cantania (a concert where they are taking part singing with many other schools)
They ate them on Friday afternoon, just before leaving school for Easter holidays. Now you can enjoy seeing them:

MONES 2011 on PhotoPeach

Here you can see how 2nd level children did their Mona:

Fem la mona! on PhotoPeach


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Easter Traditions in Austria - Ratches

Going with RATCHETS is an old tradition in the HOLY WEEK.
It is an oral tradition, that the church bells fly from Holy Thursday till Easter Sunday to ROME, Italy. So the bells don´t ring....

The children walk with their noisy ratches through the villages. This noise should remind the people of the Holy Service (usually the church bells do) and the suffering of Jesus Christ.

Starting Holy Thursday evening the Ratching ends on Saturday.
Sunday the church bells are back and ring again!

Girls were allowed to take part in this procession only some years ago...

The children collect money and sweets from the houses they visit.

But they have to recite a little saying:

Wir ratschen, wir ratschen den englischen Gruß, den jeder katholische Christ beten muss...

And here are some of these noisy instruments:

Wheel ratchet

Hand ratchet


Tuesday, 12 April 2011


What is important for Easter????


The pupils of the 1st class were very creative.

First of all they had to blow out the eggs:

P1030945 P1030946

Then they coloured the eggs:


The more colours - the better!

P1030932 P1030934 P1030935 P1030937P1030939

There is much eggyolk and eggwhite - what can we do with it????? -

Scrambled eggs!!!

Therefore we need a pan and a gifted cook.


Tily has been crushed in the egg carton.


Tily, take care not to be baken with the eggs again (as it happened with the Striezel last year, remember?)


Mmmmmh, that's delicious!


What are Tily und Steini looking for in the pan?


Our Easter Eggs, admired by Karli, Tily and Steini!

Jigsaw works decorating our principals door, 2. Class, Mr. Bock!