Monday, 4 April 2011


tilythumb"Hey Karli, can you help me, I want to climb the tree!“

„What do you want to do up there?“

tilythumb„I want to get colored Easter Eggs from there!“

„Hää, what? Easter Eggs up in a tree??? Are you joking???

tilythumb Steini told me, that the Easter Rabbit has his nest high up in the trees.

There he lays the colored Easter Eggs fort he children. He gives them to the boys and girls!“

Poor Tily, Steini played a joke on you!

But there are some old traditions around Easter here in Austria, like

  • „ Eier pecken“ Pecking Eggs"
  • Decorating an Easter Bunch
  • Baking an Easter Cake
  • Searching an Easter Nest
  • Ratschen
  • .......

[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg] We will show you some of these traditions the next days!!

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  1. Hurray!! New stories from Curly, Steini and Tily... We missed them a lot!! Welcome!!! ;))) Maite