Monday, 28 February 2011

P5 Artists building Gaudinian Art Works

P5 Infant school children decided to dress up as BCN TAXI'S but they wanted to drive around Gaudi's Art Works.
They worked hard together to built their own Monuments with recyced material.
Lots of discussions, drawings, designs, inventions, ... Art work in in progress, Art work in pure state! Everything ended up with three wonderful buildings: free versions of La Sagrada Família and El Capricho, and a Mixed Building.
Seeing the results, maybe they'll become wellknown architects... or art artists!
Please, admire their Art Works.
Here you can enjoy the evolution of their constructions:



P5 Buildings on PhotoPeach

Friday, 25 February 2011

Preparing Carnival Festivity

We are working hard on Carnival Festivity.
The drummers are practising, the children from 6th level are training to walk on stilts, children and teachers from different levels are preparing costumes and decorations.
Here you can see some of them doing brittles with variated techniques.

Preparing Carnival Festivity on PhotoPeach

Keep on following us; there's a lot more to come...

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Interactive exhibition Beautiful

On Friday, January 14 the children of Claudia and Sabrina went to the interactive exhibition "Beautiful" in Ostend. In the studio were/hung about thirty art works.
Using cards the children asked each other about beauty.
Then they get a ring with on it one object. They seek an artwork that fits with the ring. In turn the children tell us why they think that the ring belongs to a particular work. They have to use their imagination and can not make mistakes.
Thereafter they all go to their favourite artwork and on a card they write or draw a message to the artist.

There were also some artworks resembling the art of Delphine Boël.

Do you feel beauty in your haert or in your head ?
Can you see beauty only with your eyes or also with your ears, your hands, your taste, your ...
What do you find so beautiful that you get a feeling of heavenly love ?µThe exihibition drives the children to talk, to reflect, to ponder, to think, to philosophize about art and beauty

Delphine Boël

Delphine Michèle Anne Marie Boël is a Belgian artist who specializes in papier maché sculpture. She is alleged to be the illegitimate daughter of Albert II of Belgium. Sometimes in the media Delphine is incorrectly titled as a Baroness, because of her mother's title, but she does not belong to the nobility, as she took the name of her stepfather, to whom her mother was married at the time, and not her mother's title.
Born on February 22, 1968, she is the daughter of Sybille, Baroness de Selys Longchamps, whose husband was Jacques Boël, scion of a family of industrialists. Delphine and her Irish-American partner, James O'Hare, have a daughter, Joséphine (born October 17, 2003), and a son, Oscar (born April 28, 2008).

Paternity allegations
On October 19, 1999, a Flemish biographer, Mario Danneels (Dutch), published his unauthorised biography of Queen Paola, Paola, van 'la dolce vita' tot koningin (Paola, from 'la dolce vita' to Queen). The book contained a statement referring to the existence of a daughter born out of wedlock to King Albert. The Belgian press seized upon this statement and made investigations into the identity of this daughter, tracing Delphine Boël. At first, both Delphine and her mother refused to comment on the matter, and the Palace dismissed Danneels' book as gossip and rumours.
The main element considered by the Belgian press as acknowledgment that Delphine is the King's daughter is a short extract from the King's 1999 Christmas speech:
This Christmas feast is also the occasion for each of us to think to one's own family, to one's happy periods but also to one's difficult moments. The Queen and I have remembered very happy periods but also the crisis that our couple have crossed more than 30 years ago. Together we could, very longtime ago already, surpass those difficulties and find back a deep understanding and love. This period have been recalled to us short ago. We don't wish to dwell ("nous apesantir" in French) on that subject which belongs to our private lives. But, if certain people who meet today similar problems could get some reasons to hope from our lived experience, we would be so happy.
The press interpret this to refer to the King's affair with Sybille de Sélys Longchamps.
Delphine gave an interview on May 15, 2005, to the France 3 presenter Marc-Olivier Fogiel (French) in the broadcast "On ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde" in which she claimed that she was indeed the daughter of the King. She said she made a telephone call to King Albert II in order to receive help for her mother who was being harassed by journalists. According to her statement, the King replied "Leave me alone with that story. You are not my daughter anymore." which she said was hurtful. She said she felt the absence of contact from him, especially since she is a mother herself. In the same interview, she alleged that when she and her mother moved to England when she was 9, the then Crown Prince Albert wished to divorce Princess Paola and join them. Her mother apparently opposed this because of the political consequences for prince Albert. Delphine added that her "parents" kept in touch by telephone for some years, but that this stopped some time before she was 16 (1984). She said her mother told her "the truth" about her parentage when she turned 18, in 1986.
Although King Albert does not acknowledge that he is her father, Delphine's paternity link with the King is often considered as fact by the press and by the Belgian people. She is sometimes compared with Mazarine Pingeot, the illegitimate daughter of former French President François Mitterrand, and nicknamed "the Mazarine of Belgium". She is in touch with her half-brother, Prince Laurent of Belgium, who unofficially acknowledges her as his sister.
There has been no formal proof of Delphine Boël's claim, as a paternity test has not been carried out.

Art: features

The sculptures by Delphine Boël referred quite openly to royal conditions: they often worked with crowns, thrones and the colors of the Belgian flag (like on the penis of a crowned frog). Her works have increased in value since they are sensitive because of the paternity issue has become famous. She has exhibited work including in Ixelles (2001), Koksijde (2004) and Sint-Martens-Latem (2008). In 2003 she participated in the Venice Biennale. Yet sometimes the victim of censorship by its origin, although the royal palace denied any initiative in this

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Carnival: Italian masks

Carnival: Italian masks

Carnival at school

Carnival at school

Carnival at school

Carnival at school

Carnival at school

Carnival at school

Carnival at school

Carnival at school

Carnival at school

Folk show 2011 at school

Folk show 2011 at school

Folk show 2011 at school

Folk show at school

Performance of "The Driver" by Luigi Pirandello

Performance of "The Driver" by Luigi Pirandello

Performance of "The Driver" by Luigi Pirandello

Performance of "The Driver" by Luigi Pirandello

Performance of "The Driver" by Luigi Pirandello

Performance of "The Driver", by Luigi Pirandello

Performance of "The Driver", by Luigi Pirandello

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Comenius: Interviews from Spain !!!

Interviews School teachers 6thA

Interviews to teachers 6thA

Comenius Carme

Comenius Carol

Comenius Joan

Comenius Vanesa

Interesting Facts!

Comenius New York 1- 5thB

Sports of the world 4-5thA

Cities 3-5thA

Countries 4-5th-B.flv

Los Angeles 3- 5thB

Countries of the world 6thA

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Festivals in Esplugues

Festivals in Esplugues 6thB

We want to share our TV Programmes!

TV Programmes 6thB

TV Programme 6thA

Programmes and Films 4-6thB

Frankestein 5-6th-B

Our children speak about interesting topics!

Animals 5thB

Physical Activities 5thA

Past and Future 6thA

Geographical features 6thB

Sports of the world 4-5thA

Cities 3-5thA

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day 6-6thA

Valentine's Day 6-6thA

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Painting from "Wikipedia"

Paintings from "Wikipedia" -

"W.A. Mozart 1763,

7 years old"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is born on January 27th 1756 in Salzburg, Austria.
As a child he lives in Salzburg. He has a sister, her name is Nannerl. She is 5 years older than him.
He is a prodigy. He plays the piano very well
and starts to write his first musical compositions already at the age of 5. The father travels with him to Vienna, where he plays a concert in front of the Empress Maria Theresa. Journeys to Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland and Italy make him famous.

As a young man he has an employment in the court-orchestra of the prince archbishop Colloredo in Salzburg.

On a journey to France he gets to know his wife Constanze in Mannheim, Germany. They marry in Vienna and they have six children, but only two survive: Karl Thomas and Franz Xaver.

After a quarrel with the archbishop and the loss of his employment in Salzburg he decides to try to get established in Vienna, Austria, in 1781.

In Vienna he is successful and well known as a composer. He mounts popular concerts with himself as the soloist on the piano.
Mozart's revenue is quite good. Nevertheless he can't save money, because the family lives in a rather plush lifestyle: an expensive appartment, a new piano and a billiard table but also the boarding school for his son Karl Thomas cost lots of money!

Mozart writes operas (22 musical dramas e.g. The Magic Flute, The Abduction from The Seraglio, The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni,
Women are like that,...), 41 symphonies, 27 piano concertos, 5 violin concertos, works for chamber music, songs and arias, masses and sacred music,

Mozart dies on 5 december 1791 at the age of only 35 years.

Today he is the famous all over the world, his music is still played and very popular.