Thursday, 27 May 2010

Meeting in AUSTRIA: Thank you very much

We would like to say thank you very much to you, and to all your school colleagues for the warm welcoming you gave us during our visit to your school and city.We have to congratulate all of you for the excellent organization of our meeting in Austria!! The guided visit through Wiener Neustad, the lunchs and dinners all together, the lovely landscapes visiting Puch Berg and Hohe Wand; everything!You took care of all of us, making everybody feel almost at home. You have planned every single detail and we appreciate a lot the big effort you have done. Because your school is small but your hearts are giant.All of you had done the best to help us and to make each one feel comfortable.We enjoyed a lot visiting your school. Playing the games with your pupils was a wonderful experience.Your work has been great!! All of us came back with excellent feelings from Austria.
Thanks a million!!
Lots of kisses and a big huge.
Sonia, Montse and Maite (Spain)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


These are only a few pictures from the visting that both the pictures and words never describe this perfect meeting.
We were too happy for being our partners and also to be in this project like these partners is an honour for us...
Thanx for all Austrian colleagues.

Visit to Austria



To Martin en co,

congratulations for the well prepared visit.
Thanks for the nice time and the games.
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Sunday, 23 May 2010


From 18th - 22nd of May all partners met again in Austria after more than 8 month!
What a good feeling!

The bad weather (rain, strong wind and temperatures 15° below annual average) couldn´t disturb the warm hearted seeing again!

Monday, 17th

Turkish partners arrived, were picked up from the airport, invitation to a dinner in Wiener Neustadt

Tuesday, 18th

Arrival of Spain, Belgium at noon - transfer to the hotel
Italy arrived in the evening...

Guided city walk through Wiener Neustadt -

In the Dome of Wiener Neustadt

Dinner together at a Heurigen in Neudörfl - getting to know the new Turkish delegation

Wednesday, 19th


18 foreign and 5 Austrian teachers together with only 18 pupils!!!
Welcome in the gym hall - exchanging words of welcome and presents.

Of course we finished this part with Tily´s song in all partner´s languages.

Presentations of the partner countries in the classes...

Meeting to discuss project work followed by a lunch (Gasthaus KOTZEL)


excursion to the mountains:

Puchberg am Schneeberg - Wasserfallwirt (5°C, wind and rain...)

Thursday, 20th

Visiting the Kindergarten

and Primary School Steinabrückl

4. Klasse - Dir. Haiden

1. Klasse - Mrs. Kopelent, teaching about hens and eggs..

The highlight of the meeting:

Playing with the children the self made games!

Table play

Tily´s Questionnaire

Don´t Worry, Tily

Better than playing with a Playstation...

Later: Meeting for the detailed planning of the 3rd Semester - Autumn 2010

Invitation of the Town Mayor of Wöllersdorf- Steinabrückl Mr. Glöckler for lunch in Gasthaus Räuscher, Wöllersdorf.
Thank you for the excellent meal, Mr. Glöckler!

Excursion to the HOHE WAND - Folkloristic Event in the Gasthaus ALMFRIEDEN

Beautiful landscape ...

Holy Petrus opened for some minutes the clouds over Wiener Neustadt ...

Young CAPRICORN: Alive or not alive -synthetic -, that is the question... ;-)

The evening in the Gasthaus ALMFRIEDEN was funny:

Austrian folklore - dancing the Schuhplattler and more, have a look:

The following dance is called "Bauernmadl"

Dear partners, please add your little picture shows fitting to this report, thank you!

Martin and team

Monday, 10 May 2010

Recording the Tily song





This morning Rita, Heidi, Eline and Isabel went with 12 children to a recording studio in an other school.
They have recorded the song of Tily in Dutch.
We will bring the song in our language on CD for each country with us to Austria
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Tily and Steini make an excursion to the forest in springtime

Springtime in our Forest with Tily and Steini


Beautiful bark of the sycamore tree!


In a "Blind Chain" we are strolling through the high grass.


Picknick at the playground with Tily and Steini


Tiny ants at work


Katrin and Manuela watch ants at work.


Ants are capable of carrying more than their own weight!


Our kids aren't afraid of spiders!


Snails carry their houses always with them. Davids hand shows a slimy track.


Manuela observes a spider sitting in a bowl under a magnifying glass.


On Georg's hand a grasshopper is sitting (but not very long!)!




Tily and Steini sitting between "Stone-Roses", which smell very nice.


Strawberries blossoming!




Thank you for that interesting excursion into our forest, Petra!



This excursion was very interesting!
In summer we will have a look to the changes since!