Sunday, 23 May 2010


From 18th - 22nd of May all partners met again in Austria after more than 8 month!
What a good feeling!

The bad weather (rain, strong wind and temperatures 15° below annual average) couldn´t disturb the warm hearted seeing again!

Monday, 17th

Turkish partners arrived, were picked up from the airport, invitation to a dinner in Wiener Neustadt

Tuesday, 18th

Arrival of Spain, Belgium at noon - transfer to the hotel
Italy arrived in the evening...

Guided city walk through Wiener Neustadt -

In the Dome of Wiener Neustadt

Dinner together at a Heurigen in Neudörfl - getting to know the new Turkish delegation

Wednesday, 19th


18 foreign and 5 Austrian teachers together with only 18 pupils!!!
Welcome in the gym hall - exchanging words of welcome and presents.

Of course we finished this part with Tily´s song in all partner´s languages.

Presentations of the partner countries in the classes...

Meeting to discuss project work followed by a lunch (Gasthaus KOTZEL)


excursion to the mountains:

Puchberg am Schneeberg - Wasserfallwirt (5°C, wind and rain...)

Thursday, 20th

Visiting the Kindergarten

and Primary School Steinabrückl

4. Klasse - Dir. Haiden

1. Klasse - Mrs. Kopelent, teaching about hens and eggs..

The highlight of the meeting:

Playing with the children the self made games!

Table play

Tily´s Questionnaire

Don´t Worry, Tily

Better than playing with a Playstation...

Later: Meeting for the detailed planning of the 3rd Semester - Autumn 2010

Invitation of the Town Mayor of Wöllersdorf- Steinabrückl Mr. Glöckler for lunch in Gasthaus Räuscher, Wöllersdorf.
Thank you for the excellent meal, Mr. Glöckler!

Excursion to the HOHE WAND - Folkloristic Event in the Gasthaus ALMFRIEDEN

Beautiful landscape ...

Holy Petrus opened for some minutes the clouds over Wiener Neustadt ...

Young CAPRICORN: Alive or not alive -synthetic -, that is the question... ;-)

The evening in the Gasthaus ALMFRIEDEN was funny:

Austrian folklore - dancing the Schuhplattler and more, have a look:

The following dance is called "Bauernmadl"

Dear partners, please add your little picture shows fitting to this report, thank you!

Martin and team

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