Thursday, 24 February 2011

Interactive exhibition Beautiful

On Friday, January 14 the children of Claudia and Sabrina went to the interactive exhibition "Beautiful" in Ostend. In the studio were/hung about thirty art works.
Using cards the children asked each other about beauty.
Then they get a ring with on it one object. They seek an artwork that fits with the ring. In turn the children tell us why they think that the ring belongs to a particular work. They have to use their imagination and can not make mistakes.
Thereafter they all go to their favourite artwork and on a card they write or draw a message to the artist.

There were also some artworks resembling the art of Delphine Boël.

Do you feel beauty in your haert or in your head ?
Can you see beauty only with your eyes or also with your ears, your hands, your taste, your ...
What do you find so beautiful that you get a feeling of heavenly love ?µThe exihibition drives the children to talk, to reflect, to ponder, to think, to philosophize about art and beauty

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  1. Very interesting exhibition. I would like to visit it. Maite