Friday, 20 May 2011

Sant Jordi (Saint George's) day

In Catalunya Sant Jordi is a very important day.
It can be considered the Love Day, because men give their beloved women a rose as a proof of love. This tradition is based on the Legend of Sant George.
Moreover, it's the Books' day. So everybody buys books as gifts.
Sant Jordi is not a holiday, but it looks like it!
Everywhere in the streets you can find stalls selling books and roses and lots of people choosing books to buy.
Also at school we set our own stall in Infant school playground. During all Sant Jordi's day children from 6th level recomend and sell books and roses to children that visit the stall, as well as to their parents that also come.

Books and roses stalls on PhotoPeach

We live intensely Sant Jordi festivity at school.
During Sant Jordi's previous days, there's a big books exhibition at school library. All classes visit it and our librarians show and tell them nice stories from brand new books.

The dragon comes to the school!!
Leaving footprints, and other smelly traces... everywhere.
It appears on the school's roof trying to frighten us.
The princess and Saint George also come to the school.
On Sant Jordi's day there is the books and roses stall in the Infant school playground.
On the afternoon, there are the "Jocs Florals" (poems and narrative contest) and dances exhibitions in the Primary school playground.

After Sant Jordi day there is a comic play where Saint George comes to rescue the princess and to fight and kill the dragon; however the play every year is different, and not always the dragon is killed...

Saint George, the princess and the dragon on PhotoPeach

This is a sample of what means Sant Jordi.

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