Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Visit to an Art Nouveau house

On friday 29 april 2011 the children from Claudia and Sabrina went to Blankenberge.
Their they visited an art nouveau house and went on a art nouveau tour in the city.
Tily and Tilette were very enthousiastic to see the bench inspired by Gauldi at Parc Guell. Their were a lot of tiles in the museum in the art nouveau style made by Horta.
Look and enjoy their pictures.
Sabrina and Claudia


  1. What a nice school trip!! Very interesting!! Art Nouveau, culture and springtime. Good combination. We're also happy to see that bench, it certainly looks like the Gaudinian geometry! Cheers!

  2. The Art Noveau house looks very interesting. I'm sure your pupils, Tilette and Tily enjoyed a lot the day with the visit. Greetings. Maite