Thursday, 3 March 2011

Today is "Dijous gras"

Thursday before Carnival day is "Dijous Gras" or "Dijous Llarder" and is typical to eat Egg sausage (specially made for Carnival days only) or Omelette.

People used to go out to parks to eat omelettes or egg sausages.
Nowadays, children wearing their costumes go to parks to eat their sandwiches.

Today we have been very unlucky because it has been raining and we couldn't go outside; however, we ate our delicious sandwiches at the school.

Rainy Dijous Llarder on PhotoPeach

Other years we had gone to the park to eat and enjoy a nice morning (Infant school children) or a wonderful afternoon (Primary children) out eating delicious omelette or egg sausage sanwidches' and playing.

Dijous Gras on PhotoPeach

Fingers crossed for tomorrow!!! We wish rain goes and sun appears to celebrate Carnival Festivity.

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