Monday, 14 March 2011

Farewell to King Carnival

Today we have come back from Winter holidays.
This afternoon, we ended the Carnival celebrations saying Goodbye to King Carnival.
Despite the rain, Infant school children and Primary 1st cycle children met in the covered playground wearing masks or maked up faces.
They were waiting for King Carnival; but The Witch (representing Lent) appeared.
She urged everybody to go back to the classrooms and start working again, instead of going on with fun and celebrations as during Carnival days days.
Children said aloud: Fora bruixa!! (Go out witch!!)
King Carnival arrived; children happily shouted: Hurray King Carnival!!
They fought, The Witch won King Carnival and sent him back to the Moon...
Till next year.

Goodbye King Carnival on PhotoPeach

So, Carnival celebrations had finished and we go back to school life.