Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Carnival with MOZART...

Hello friends, we´re back again!!! We will guide you through the world of Mozart, show you the way he danced...;-) and the way he lived as a young boy - without playstation....

Here you can see the way he dressed:
  • a whig
  • a black or red jacket
  • knee breeches
  • white long stockings
  • black shoes

And it looks very nice to dance with this equipment!

And here you can se a nice presentation about Mozart, combined with music of FALCO, a famous Austrian popstar, who unfortunately died too early... It is really worth watching !!!


We don´t celebrate carnival like the Spanish collegues with their pupils do, but this year we met Wolferl Mozart.
And as a young boy Wolferl also liked to play - but without electronic medias!

He liked to play the "OWL GAME"

It is a very old game going back many centuries!


You need: 3 dices - counters - and the board you play on.

  1. Everybody gets the same numbers of counters
  2. Half of them are placed in the middle of the board
  3. Somebody starts to toss the dices
  4. You have to find the combination of the dices on the board
  5. In very Old German you can read what you have to do: give three - take five - take all, if you have 3 x six on your dices (you win, of course...)
  6. Winner is, who collected most of the counters, too.
And we played the game and we liked it very much!


  1. Great dancers and dresses!!! It has been as the time went back!! ;) Moreover, watching and listening to Falco song... I danced and loved it a lot years ago. We will have to practise this game. Kisses, Maite

  2. This images are very nice,
    this game is beautiful

    Sara M

  3. Very nice costums.
    Mozart lives again.
    kisses Heidi from Belgium