Saturday, 19 September 2009


Tily is on the way from Barcelona to Steinabrückl, Austria.

He is riding on a magic carpet.

The flight over the ALPS is beautiful, but straining.

Suddenly the electronic controller of his turbo carpet shows a problem and the carpet starts to spin.

Sh*t, I´m falling!

Tily falls ungently in a soft, green meadow,
but he suffers no injuries.

He picks himself up, and suddenly STEINI stands beside him.

Hey, are you OK?

Si-ahh-yes- ja, ja!

Who are you and where do you come from?

My name is Tily and I´m from Spain, Barcelona. Precisely from Espluguet!

Did you accidently crash here or did you want to land in Austria, in Steinabrückl?

What, I´m in Stonebridge äh - Steinabrückl? Great, I wantet to visit the Sonderschule!

Perfect touchdown, look, here is the Sonderschule!

Great! Old and beautiful! Please show me the school!

Tily goes to the carpet and discovers the problem in a minute.
A fuse had gone.

Do you want to fly with me or shall we walk?

Oh no, I suffer from vertigo, and I`m too heavy for your little carpet......

They walk to the entrance and enter school...

To be continued....

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