Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Steini and Tily go to the principals office. They knock the door and enter the office.

steinithumb2 "Good morning, Mrs. HITTINGER, may I introduce TILY to you?"


tilythumb2: "Buenos dias, Mrs. Hittinger, pleased to meet you!"

Mrs. Hittinger: "Thanks, where do you come from, Tily?"

tilythumb2: "I´m from Barcelona, Espluguet, from the ceramic museum!"

Mrs. Hittinger: "Why are you here, Tily?"

tilythumb2: "I want to know more about your school and because of the Comenius Project! Since when are you headmaster of this school?"

Mrs. Hittinger: "I´m principal since 1991"
tilythumb2: "How big is your school?"

Mrs. Hittinger: "We have 3 classes with 21 children alltogether, and 7 teachers are teaching them!
How old are you, Tily and do YOU go to school?"
tilythumb2: "Ääh, I don´t know how old I am, but now I go from school to school - to our Comenius partner schools in Canicatti, Sicily, to Belgium, Ganzenveer and Ismetpasa Ilkögretim Okulu in Turkey!"
steinithumb2: "Wow, you are very busy - but I am the oldest here - I´m old as the hills!!!"

tilythumb2: "May Steini introduce me to the pupils now???"

Mrs.Hittinger: "Of course, I think you will have a lot of fun!"

Steini and Tily leave the office to visit the children.

To be continued!

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