Monday, 16 November 2009

1.Klasse Kids Find Tily

The children from the 1.Klasse get the Striezel, the 3. Klasse boys baked for them.

: „Hey kids, here is your Allerheiligenstriezel!“

[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „Unfortunately we have to eat the Striezel without TILY. Tily disappeared....:-((

The teacher starts cutting and sharing the Striezel.

The children like it.

Suddenly Tily´s head sticks out of the Striezel!

ALL: „Hurrahhhhhh, Tily is here again!“

[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]: „What happened, Tily, are you OK?“

tilythumb: „I´m fine, thanks! I fell into the tasty dough and couldn´t get out again!
It was a bit hot in the oven, but I could eat Striezel all the time, yummmmmmmmy!“

Everybody is happy again!!!!

tilythumb: I need the recipe of the Striezel, please!

Are you waiting for a new adventure?

We will not disappoint you!

The 3.Klasse Team

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