Friday, 6 November 2009

The Place We Live In - STEINI'S ANCESTRY

:,, I come from the Porcelain Museum in Esplugues, and you Steini?"
:,, I'm from the mountains, the Alps! You flew over them on your magic carpet!"
:,, How did you come here?
:,, The river Piesting rolled me to the Steinfeld ("Stonefield"). Rolling down I slowly became rounder, smaller and more and more beautiful!
Sometimes I'm still dizzy from that endless rolling around! But that happened millions of years ago...
This river rolled and rolled me...the Piesting!"

:,, Who found you?"
:,,Here in the Steinfeld are many gravel pits.
The teacher found me among gravel, in between thousands of sisters and brothers!
Have a look, here it happened!

A big traxcavator helped me to to see the light of the day, after a very very long time!"

I have billions of brothers and sisters!
Take a look:

By the way, do you know that I have a beautiful sister?"

:,, I didn't know! What's her name, can I meet her?"
:,, Her name is STEINELLA, you'll meet her soon!"

To be continued! ;-))

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