Monday, 9 November 2009

Our Daily Routine - 3.Klasse - Cooking Lesson With Tily Steini and Karli

Hey Tily, Steini,

rio invited us to the cooking lesson!
Join us!

Tily and Steini follow happily!

tilythumb:"What´s on the menu?

: Today we cook turkey stew, salad and as dessert we have Allerheiligenstriezel!

tilythumb: "Yummy!!!!!"
In the kitchen the boys start to work.
Jovica cuts the meat, Silvio the pepper.
helps Mario and Stefan with the Striezel.

Tily is very curious - he sticks his nose into every pot.

Take 600g flour, yeast, salt, 2 eggs ...
Add milk, let the dough rest...

Sugar, Steini, Steini sugar!
Tily and his head protection...

Tily examines everything!
He wants to bake an Allerheiligenstriezel
in Barcelona!

Tily tastes the dough.

He likes it very much!

Tily wants to eat more and more!

The dough is ready, but Tily is gone!

Where is Tily???

Steini and Karli are crying a river... They are very sad.

The cake is ready, but Tily is still missing....

Dear children!

Please help Steini and
Karli find their dearest friend again!

Post your ideas!

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