Saturday, 20 March 2010

My soft skin

In the exhibition "My softest skin 'you see the pictures with scars of ten people with scars from burns. From a child who got boiling sugar water over him to a the fireman who was surprised by a fireball. Some scars you can hide under clothes, others are to much burned to escape the loo of the outside world. But not only thei skin is away, their soul is also damaged. Once a patient with burns, always a patient with burns. You never fully heal from a burn, you learn to live with.
Before we visited the exhibition were the students lessons on prevention and approach to burns.
Before the children watched the exhibition there was a nurse telling us about prevention and how to react when a person gets burned.
What we especially remember : there are many dangers lie in the house, you should be careful with fire.
With a burn: first water, the rest comes later: 20 minutes under warm running water! Be sure the air cannot touch the burns.
After visiting the exhibition, with often very poignant photos each student also received a strip and a helmet.
It was a very touching, but instructive afternoon

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