Monday, 27 September 2010


On the 21st of September is Sant Mateu (Saint Matthew)
and Esplugues de Llobregat celebrates the Village Festival.
There were many activities during all the weekend,
most of them on the streets.
Such as:
Medieval Market;
Correfoc: devils and fireworks on the street;
Cercavila : Gegants i Capgrossos (giants and bigheads)
walking and dancing along the village;
Bastoners i Esbart: Tradicional Catalan dances;
Castellers (human towers)
All of them are typical and traditional in Catalunya.

We also celebrate the Village Festival at school.

We’ve got a Giants family at Folch i Torres!
This is their story:

A long time ago,
Marieta and Martí came to our school
and some years later they had children: Pau and Pepa.
On May 2004 there was a Capgrossos (bigheads) Meeting
from all Catalunya in Esplugues;
each school from our town took part in it
creating one or more…
So Patufet and Bufó were born!
The 6th level pupils made them.
Patufet is the most famous character from
the writer Folch i Torres;
Bufó (the joker) represents the Carnival,
our school’s most important celebration.

Every year the Giants send each class a letter announcing
their visit and inviting us to a party in the playground.

The children always do something related to
the Village festivity to wear to the school's party...
this year it was a pai-pai with fireworks stars
(fireworks were the leiv-motiv on
the Village Festival posters)
The Giants always bring us a present;
we love eating pop-corns!
This year, our Music teacher Vanessa,
has invented a song talking about the Giants
and we have surprised them singing it.
We enjoyed the party!!

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