Thursday, 14 October 2010

Thursday = fruitday





On Wednesday the children and Miss Sabrina go to the store to buy fruit.
They have two colorful shopping carts so they do not have to drag the fruit.
In class they put the fruit in the fruit bowls.
On Thursday it is fruit day in the school, the children are not allowed to eat coockies during play time.
The children of miss Sabrina put the exact number of pieces of fruit in the fruit bags. They bring it to all the diverent classes. All the children of the school are delighted with their tasty free piece of fruit.
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  1. This good fruit, I!

    alba ruiz

  2. I like nature day , is diferen constum of spain .


  3. It's very interesting this activity because I think that is very important to known the food.
    It's more important the fruit than the coockies!
    Iria Sánchez 6éA

  4. Mmm!!!! I love the banana !!


    5è- B

  5. I like this activity! I likes to eat fruits! My favorite fruit is the strawberry. Mmmmmm......