Monday, 22 November 2010

The First Flight

. . . so you saw the story of the first flight . . .

. . . you know: Tily & Steini had a crash with their aeroplane, because Steini did not fill the tank.

They crashed into a field, where hundreds of Pumpkins have grown. In the meantime it was nearly 5 pm, so it started to get dark. The bat attacked Tily, so they decided to build a pumkinhouse to survive. Back at school, students asked them, how they managed to build this house and they showed how they did . . .

. . . they opened the pumpkin with an old knife and hollowed it out. Some shelves of an old wooden fence were taken for the accomotation (bed, table, chair, rack . . . ).

. . . and so Mario, Emre & Thomas rebuilt the house and the furniture!!! We had great fun and Tily started to sing: "Lets spend a night together, now I need you more than ever . . . !" So they spent the weekend in their second Pumpkinhouse.


  1. Congragulations for you work Katrin, Jan, David, Simon, Peter and Michael. Ainhoa Ricart

  2. I like the hose of taliy , are nice .
    Lydia 5è B

  3. It's very interesting this activity: one house in a pumpkin!!!
    Iria Sánchez 6éA

  4. Is a very funny hous. when I was young I picked up boxes and they havia details...

    Macarovici nikita