Friday, 7 January 2011


MAHMUT CUDA( A Turkish Painter)

He was born in Fethiye in 1904.He lost his mother when he was 3 and his father when he was 8. His painting skill was invested when he was Ottoman Secondary School for orphans and guided.He studied on a west origin art branch.After studying in Germany ,he had an adventure of Paris,Lucien Simon artelier for four years.

Mahmut cuda was a great color master like a lot of painer in that term. His works look like easy but are watched hard. He had been painting an apple for four months. He had been working with details for a long time,but it wasn't long for him.

His paintings 'Aydın Yangını & Haramiler' are successful studies of his origin technics and technic applications.

Mahmut cuda is a still-life master and commentator and at the same time he is a good master portraitist.

Mahmut Cuda died in İstanbul in 1987.

His paintins are the most valuable pieces of most of the collections.


  1. This painter, Mahmut Cuda, is very interesing. I beautiful paintins!

    Helena R.Q
    6th A

  2. I like the biography and the video about this painter

  3. The pinter Mahumut Cuda is more iteresing!!!
    He is a painter with great art!!!!

    Claudia 6th A

  4. the Mamut Cuda's work is more interesing !!!
    I love this work

  5. The painther Mahmut Cuda is a very good painter and his paintings are interesting!!!!!

    Inna Konchak 6éA

  6. I like Mahumut Cuda. Is a very good painter

    Jose Recio 6èA

  7. The video of the MAHMUT CUDA is very interesting.
    ESTHER. 6éA

  8. The pinter Mahumut Cuda is Interesting. It seems that the painter does very well.
    Esther 6th A

  9. The pinter Mahumut Cuda is more iteresing.
    Alfonso 6th A

  10. The childhood of Mahmut Cuda was be a tragic childhood but was get be a great painter.

    Cristina 6th A

  11. I like this painter because his life was very difficult and now is very famous!!!

    Iria Sánchez 6éA

  12. I've never heard about Cüda before, but it his works seems very interesting. What a hard life!! Children reading the exhibition texts it's an interesting way to present it.

  13. I like this painter beause a like this pictures is very very interesting.

    Adrian Alvarez 6éB