Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Discovering our National Park Donau - Auen

The Danube is Austria´s most important river.
Scientists say that she is around 10.000 years old and she shaped the landscape around Vienna.

Eselsbrücke: Merkreim für die Nebenflüsse der Donau

The Danube creates a habitat for numberous plants, animals and humans...

For more information:

She nowadays is a route of transport, a source of energy, leisure...
for example the famous Donauinsel - a center of recreation - designed to protect Vienna from her floods...

Main river right hand side...

But her floods are a permanent threat to cities situated along the river!!!

We decided to discover a little bit of the nature around her on a sunny and warm day:

Crossing the fast flowing river on a small ferry boat with
Tily and Steini, accompaning us...

An old river mill...

A rest on the crest of the long dam, which protects the villages along the Danube

We could finally watch frogs, turtles,



learned about the life of the beaver,

crossed a dangerous river like Indiana Jones

...were incredibly brave to touch an nonpoisonous water snake,

and showed Tily the underwater world ...


An exciting and beautiful day ended too fast...

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