Thursday, 10 June 2010

A week sporting

The oldest children of the school are in a sport hotel during one week. They do not have to learn and study this week, they have all kind of sport activities, like sailing, kayak, bike, skating, ....
During this week they have visited hte museum of toys in Mechelen.
Visit the Mechelen Toy Museum and admire one of the largest toy collections in the world. Exhibited in an area of 7000m2, you can see toys from all over the world, from the past and present. You can walk through beautifully designed decors, which emphasize the value and the beauty of the displayed objects.

Visiting the Toy Museum means more then just watching: a single touch on a button and trains, clowns, and fair attractions start to move. On your journey through the museum, you can literally step into Pieter Brueghel’s painting 'The children are playing', you see trains on a scale of 1/220 to 1/1 and you can even experience the Battle of Waterloo with Napoleon.

The children also played the games they have done on our comenius play day.


  1. cool and fun to go for sports, visit museums .... BE A WEEK NO SCHOOL! avere if Folch i Torres does something similar!

    Helena R.Q

    6ht A

  2. These sports are fantastic. I like to have a week like this.
    Victor Garrido:)