Friday, 11 December 2009

1.Klasse shows Tily Steinabrückl


In our school building there is also a little office of our town government.

Mrs. Straub is the secretary (left).

The River PISTING flows swiftly through Steinabrückl.

In former times there was the name giving

stonebridge = Steinabrückl

across the river.

The church has been renovated in- and outside this year.

Here we celebrate the Holy Mass at the beginning of the school year

at Christmas, Easter and the end of the school year.

Behind the church there is the graveyard.

Then we cross the Südautobahn (motorway) Vienna - Graz.

Tily and the kids are looking towards VIENNA!


Finally we arrive at the playground!

Opposite our school there is the Kidergarten in containers.

A beautiful new building is just under construction and will soon be finished!

For non-residents there is a big map showing Steinabrückl - close to our school.

Just now there is a Chech circus giving their shows on the meadow opposite our school!

Do you like our little village? Please give your comments!

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