Tuesday, 22 December 2009

TILY´S Life Saved - Successful Operation!

A dramatic operation under the management of
Dr. J. Tramosljika and his assistant emergency doctors
Dr. G. Mario and Dr. K. Spechtfang safed Tily´s life.

The complicated operation took almost one hour.

Tily´s life was on the razor´s edge...

Every movement was safe and skilled.

But due to the good equipment and international experience of the
operation team the operation was successful.

Even the dangerous "headover test" was successful.

Everybody was happy again, especially KARLI.

Only Steini didn´t experience the successful end of the operation -
he fainted...

Tily, after waking up:

"What´s the matter boys, why do you look so surprised?

Skating is fun!

I want to try skiing - as soon as possible!"

ELIF, who almost "killed" Tily,
apologised with a big kiss the next day to Tily...

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