Friday, 18 December 2009

The makin´and bakin´of sweet gingerbread Tily

In the beginning there was the idea to make Tily even sweeter...(almost impossible).

BUT: Take a picture of Tily, glue it on wood, cut it out.

Cut out a copper band and start to bend it around Tily´s well shaped figure.

Stefan gives a helping hand!

Then you need nice children, a dough, Tily´s and Steini´s assistance. Start to cut out many, many sweet Tilys:

Tily is testing the copies and giving his OK!

Aren´t they sweet?
Parcels with sweet Tilys are on the way to every partner country.
Unfortunately it was not possible to bake Tilys for every child...

...and they will be dry arriving (in January????) after a long journey.
Put cut apples with the Tilys into a tin box and let them regain the humidity...
(Be patient!)

These are our Christmas regards from Austria!

Have a nice time to recover, love from

Beate, Judith, Alexandra, Wolfgang and ...Martin


  1. What a nice and sweet idea!!
    If you can't send some sweet Tilys, maybe you can send us a Tily shape and the recipe to make it :)

  2. mmm, What a nice and sweet idea!!
    It looks delicious!!
    As you can't send us some gingerbread Tilys, could it be possible you send us the recipe and the Tily shape to made it?
    Happy Christmas!!