Monday, 12 April 2010

Outdoor Games - Walking the Stilts...

It was very interesting to look back in history about the use of stilts. Thanks Wikipedia it was easy to select information.. How stilts were used in the past - full information in English:

Or in German

Some funny pictures...

shepherds, postmen

children playing in the Middle Ages

And nowadays,for example in Africa, TOGO:

Watch the videos:

Highest stilts 15, ....metres


We built the stilts ourselfes - of course... then we tested them.

Or did the stilts test our feeling for balance???

Here are some funny pictures...

3. Klasse guys

2. Klasse with Mrs. Judith

First successful efforts...

are not always so easy...

But we


Sometimes only with a little help from my friends...

It was a very successful day, and next year we have to produce stilts - according to the spontaneuous children´s wishes - to take home for their private use...

tilythumb: Isn´t it better than playing P***STATION???

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