Thursday, 22 April 2010

School Life - Practical Work Training

A very important part of our school´s objectives is preparing our pupils for the difficult labour market.
We try to train our pupils in practical work, like in Technical Education: metal work, wood work...

You remember the crocodiles we produced???
Tily´s and Steinis´snowboards?

Twice a year the pupils look for jobs they are interested to try, to test, to work in. The first time they were off school one week in in autumn.
Now they are one week off in April, here is the report.

Now our classroom is empty. Tily and Steini are wondering, where the big boys are.
tilythumb " Hey Steini, where is Jovica and Stefan?"
[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg] " I´m missing Mario, Silvio and Marcel, too - where are they?"
" They are out and work in different enterprises! Do you want to visit them?"
[Steinithumbausgeschnitten.jpg]tilythumb "Yes, of course!"

They follow to the teacher´s car and join Mr. Frischauf´s control-visit.


First to visit is Silvio. He works in a metal processing enterprise.

Here is his comment about his impressions: "I prefer working here than going to school..."
Marcel is assistant in a kitchen and doing a good job:

Here is his comment about his impressions: "I like this work very much!"
Stefan is working in a garage, his hands are dirty soon, but he doesn´t worry about that!

Here is his comment about his impressions: " I would like to work as a car mechanic!!!"

Jovica is working in a garage, too

Here is his comment about his impressions: "I like this work very much. I want to become a car mechanic!!!"

Mario is the painter man, working in different construction places.
The first week in autumn he was testing to work as a cook.
Now his job is a bit more dirty!

Tily, not very experienced in labour life, is very nosy and incautious, take a look!

But Tily survived again...

Mario´s comment: "Now I know, that I want to become a cook!"

Final result of the training

All the enterprises were very pleased with the accomplisment of our pupils!

We are very proud!!!

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