Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Karli and Steini show Tily around in school

:,, I want to show you our school."
tilythumb:,, Do you come with us, Steini?"

steinithumb2:,, Yes! Let´s go to the gym hall!"

tilythumb:,, Wow, it is very nice, a wooden floor and many apparatus for gymnastic!!!!"

:,, Now I´ll show you the kitchen, come on!"

steinithumb2" Our kitchen is small, but nice!"

They walk on to the workshop, well equipped with tools and various machines.

steinithumb2 (proudly):,, Here I was created some weeks ago!!!"

Steini saved Tily from the jaws of the hungry crocodile...
(The boys are producing big crocodiles for the kindergarten just these weeks...)

steinithumb2 (after having saved Tily):,,You see, all the strong good things in the world are made of stone, Tily. I show you the school from outside now!"

tilythumb:,, How old is the school - building, Steini?"

steinithumb2:,, I don´t know. I think the old Romans built it."

: "No, Steini, our school is not so old, but very old. It was built in 1911, also almost 100 years ago. In 2 years we will celebrate the 100th anniversary!"

Steini and Tily go closer to the fundament.

steinithumb2: "You see, Tily, the basement - solid stone - everlasting - like me!"
tilythumb: "But I am beautiful!"

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