Sunday, 11 October 2009

Steini Tily and Karli meet the pupils from the 1st Class

Hello children, everybody here?????

The children of the first class shout jaaaaaaaaaa!

I want to introduce my new friends to you, STEINI and TILY

tilythumb Hello children, how are you???? steinithumb2

Our children are well.....

"Steini, please introduce your new friend!"

"Hello kids, this is TILY from Spain, Espluguet - Barcelona!"

tilythumb "Hello Kids, I´m from Espluguet, Spain! I want to get to know you now!

My name´s TILY - what´s your name - come here!

PETER: " Hello Tily, my name is Peter, and I´m 10!

tilythumb "Welcome Peter, sit down!"


"Hello Tily, my name is David, I´m seven!"

tilythumb "Hello little boy, what´s your name?"

"I´m Georg"

tilythumb how old are you?
Georg takes his fingers and shows after some counting 6 fingers......
Katrin: "Hi Tily, I´m 10!

tilythumb "Nice to meet you, Katrin!"

Manuela: "My name is Manuela, and I´m 10 years old"
tilythumb Very nice to meet you, Manuela!"

Michi: "I´m Michi, I´m 12"

tilythumb "Hello Michi, you are very friendly!"


Hello Tily, I´m the teacher, Mrs. STAMPF, I´m 19!
(do you think that´s true?..)

tilythumb (smiles ...) "Hello teacher, nice to see you!"

tilythumb " You are the principal, I know you, Mrs. Hittinger! How old are you?"

Mrs. Hittinger: " You should never ask a Lady a question like that....
But you are most welcome in our school, TILY"

tilythumb + +

That was really great, kids, we meet again soon, we promise!!!"

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