Monday, 5 October 2009


Tily in Şanlıurfa

Our mascot,Tily is on the way from Barcelona to Sanlıurfa in Turkey. It admires when it flies on the Castle of Sanlıurfa with its magic carpet. It wants to see closer this beauty and lands on Balıklıgöl. It meeets with a guide student while visiting in it.

:Hi! I’m Tily. I’m from Spain,Barcelona,Espluguet from ceramic museum.

: Hi! I’m Esma. I’m a student and also tourist guide here.

: Which school?

:Ismetpasa Primary school

: waaooow.I came here for comenius Project and your school is a partner of this Project. Therefore I want to go there.Could you take me your school?

:Of course.

They walk around in Balıklıgöl for a while and then go to school and enter the principle’s office together.

: Good Morning,I’m Tily. I came from Spain for Comenius Project.

Mr. Almaz: Good morning Tily,Welcome. I’m Zülküf Almaz.I’m the headmaster of this school.
: I want to know you and your school.How long have you worked in this school?

Mr. Almaz:There are 1800 students,60 teachers and 23 classes.I have worked here since 2004.What do you do?

: I go from school to school - to our Comenius partner schools in Canicatti, Sicily, to Belgium, Ganzenveer,Austria. Could I meet with your students?

Mr. Almaz: Of course.

Esma and Tily leave the office to meet with students.
To be continued.


  1. Its a very beautifoul city.


  2. I like this river because the water is very clean. It's an old places. All are made for bricks and concrete. This places is very calm and there are a lot of nature. There are a lot of trees. In this place views don't live a lot of people .It's a fantastic places!!
    Pol Gómez

  3. Anothter day I saw the photos of Turkey. I like much the castle close to the river. It looked like to me a fantastic city. PAU M.