Thursday, 15 October 2009

Tily & Steini visiting 2nd class

Tily and Steini are walking around in our school. They find a door with a plate: 2. Klasse . . .

Steini knocks at the door and they walk into the room. They see nine students, seven boys, two girls and their teacher, Mr. Bock.


Tily: "Buenos Dias, where are we now?“

Emre: "Hallo Tily, you are in the 2.nd form of our school, ASO Steinabrückl, and I'm Emre!“ DSCF2871

Tily wondering: "Why do you know my name?“

Rene: "We saw you on Monday on our homepage, when we had Mrs. Stampf in our arts lesson, I'm Rene, hi!“


Ayse: "I painted a picture of you, hallo, I'm Ayse!“


Thomas: "No, some chose Steini, the others painted Karli and I, Thomas, chose you.“


Eyyup: "Hallo Tily, my name is Eyyup, and I painted a picture of you, too.“


Elif: "Hallo, I'm Elif, and I painted Karli, please excuse me, but his dark red hair and his big mouth seemed very funny to me!“


Tily: "Oh, no problem, he is a very funny guy and who are you?“

Thomas 2nd: "Hallo, I am another Thomas, I'm in the 5th form and I'm 10 years old!“


Marcel: "Hi, my name is Marcel and I'm 13 years old, I painted you!“


Tily: "Last but not least, who are you?“

Yahya: "My name is Yahya, I'm 14 years old, and I'm interested in news from Turkey, do you know anything new from Sanliurfa?“


Mr. Bock: "If you like, you can have a look at the blog at our PC's, hallo, I'm the teacher of the second class, Mr. Bock, and I'm looking foreward to reading the new stories!“


Tily: "Oh, very good idea, let's have a look at the others, fine!!!"

. . . and the moved to the PC's and had a look, see you soon!

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