Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Feeder balls for the birds

Because it is so cold and there is snow, the birds can not find something to eat.
Therefore the children are making feeder balls.
They use seeds, cereals, bacon and lard.
They create a ball of this mixture.
They attach an iron wire on the ball.
Then they hang the feeder ball in the tree.
Now the birds can eat their belly full food.
Do you need to help the birds in Spain ? in Italy ? in Austria ? in Turkey ?
Tell us, we want to know.

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  1. This is a recipte ?
    mmm..Fantastic ! Looks good :)
    We have prepared reciptes.
    Spain. Sandra T

  2. Hello!
    As we have a permanent layer of snow now in Austria, it is necessary to feed the birds - good idea!
    By the way, it is nice to watch them flying to and fro!

  3. This recipe appear good.
    I made a similar recipe.
    It was a cake.