Friday, 12 February 2010

Teacher Exchange 2 - Calcotada in VALLS, Tarragona

A very special gastronomic festival is the CALCOTADA in VALLS, Tarragona, at the end of the winter.
Up to 30.000 visitors come to watch this festival and eat CALCOTS every year.

The Austrian Teachers were invited on Sunday to take part in this event, thank you Francesca and Carme!

What are calcots?

Calcots are very early onions, which are grilled on open fire.

The outside is burnt, you take it away and dip it into a delicious sauce called romesco.
The women here are preparing the sauce.

They are traditionally served on a hot roof tile.

Then you lift them and lower them into your mouth, a messy thing!

To be able to eat a lot, you are drinking wine from a special jar.

The winner of 2010 eating competition ate 3,5 kg, which is around 300 pieces of onions...


  1. Hello,
    Yours calçots are very appetizing.
    The other day I ate calçots with my family.

  2. Oh very nice video, I celebrate carnival was very funny.


  3. Hello! , the video very funny and carnival in folch i torres