Thursday, 25 February 2010

GAME: Tily in Spain learns about our Comenius Partners

Tily in Spain learns about our Comenius Partners!
Watch this presentation and try to answer the Questionnaire.

1- Which one is the typical Italian food?
a) Pizza
b) Kebab
c) Wiener Snitzel
d) Chocolate

2- Which one is Belgian?
a) Nihat
b) Audrey Hepburn
c) Leonardo Da Vinci
d) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

3- Which flags are red and white?
a) Austria
b) Turkey
c) Italy
d) A and B

4- Which country has more population?
a) Austria
b) Belgium
c) Italy
d) Turkey

5- What is the official language in Austria?
a) Austrian
b) German
c) English
d) Italian

6- Who invented the Fried potatoes?
a) French
b) Belgian
c) American
d) Spanish
7- Who was Herge?
a) Tintin creator
b) Famous actor
c) Painter
d) Musician

8- What languages do Belgian people speak?
a) Belgian
b) Flemish or Dutch
c) French
d) B and C

9- Mahmut Cüda was a:
a) Painter
b) Writer
c) Musician
d) Football player

10- Where is the Schönbrunn castle?
a) Turkey
b) Belgium
c) Italy
d) Austria

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