Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Radio Interview from Spain: European Year of Creativity and Innovation

Interview : European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009

(From Pablo Ramos and Hector Páez (6th Level students) and Eric Martinez (teacher) in Folch i Torres school)


1. What do you think about Creativity?

Teachers in Europe believe that creativity is fundamentally important at school and that ICT can help enhance it.
The European Commission believe creativity is a fundamental competence to be developed at school. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are considered very important among teachers: computers, educational software, videos, online collaborative tools, virtual learning environments, interactive whiteboards, and free online material and courses.

2. Knowing this year is the European Year of Creativity, do you think is there a relation between culture and technology?

Oh, yes, of course. Culture and technology meet to enhance understanding of the past. Interest in Europe’s industrial heritage is increasing.

3. As you probably know as a teacher, the European year of Creativity promotes different projects and programmes. Do you know something about the Youth Programme project E-games?

Oh yes! The Youth Programme project E-games empowers youth work builds on this potential, offering innovative training material around key themes. It means games for learning. Playing games is an important part of our social and mental development it can be a powerful way of learning throughout life. When young people are engaged with the learning process, tool for effective learning in non-formal education and form a significant part of youth training work.

4. What’s the difference between E-games and traditional learning games?

E-games are more flexible and interactive than traditional learning games. Multimedia elements can incorporate the real world bringing the games closer to the experiences of real life - particularly important in non-formal education E-games can also bring people into closer social interaction – though not necessarily face-to-face.

5. What do you think about music as a tool of creativity?

Oh, music is a great subject as a tool for the promotion of diversity and intercultural understanding that means respect for each other’s cultures.

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