Thursday, 4 February 2010

Teacherexchange: Austria Visits Spain

On Friday, 29th of January, we closed our school for one week for semester break, so Mr. Martin Frischauf and Mr. Wolfgang Bock drove directly to the airport of Vienna to fly to Barcelona - what a wondeful city!!!

. . . here you see La Rambla and . . .

. . . the famous Market of Bocceria, where you can buy nearly everything!!!

View from the Museum of Arts... enlarge for details!

On Sunday we visited the Monastery of Mont Creus, a very beautiful and interesting trip:

. . . and on Monday: Ceip Folch I Torres, the school:

. . . meeting the students, . . .

. . . changing letters of penfriends, . . .

KARLI and his new friends, collecting letters...

KARLI was talking with the Spanish pupils - and STEINI, too!

. . . and some informations about Austria!
Barcelona at night, wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. . . but all beautiful things have an end . . .. . .
So on Wednesday we had to fly home again, with so many impressions, facts and pictures in our luggage, what a wonderful visit!!!

Bye, bye, BARCELONA, we´ll be back soon!

The ALPS and plains of Northern Italy....


  1. hello my name is Elena.
    Thanks for you visited

  2. haha we are very happy for your visit.
    Kisses, Carla